The Rockies Condos sold in 2014

The Rockies Condominiums enjoyed an encouraging year in sales. This was mainly caused by more buyers coming into the market in the $100,000-$200,000 range and there being a real shortage of this type of properties available.

There were 11 sales at The Rockies in 2014, compared to 8 in 2013. Also, the average price per square foot increased more than 9% compared to 2013 sales. Click to see listings currently available at The Rockies, or scroll down to see what Rockies Condos have sold in 2014.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceTot Sq Ft$ / Sq. Ft.BR
11/4/2014Unit 302 Building C Rockies Condo$105,000 $109,900 519$202.31Studio
4/4/2014Unit 101 Building C Rockes Condo$105,000 $121,500 519$202.31Studio
6/13/2014Unit 201 Building B Rockies Condo$110,000 $124,900 524$209.92One
12/1/2014Unit 101 Building D Rockies Condo$113,000 $119,000 476$237.39One
3/21/2014Unit 104 Building D Rockies Condo$113,500 $117,000 467$243.04One
2/28/2014Unit 301 Building C Rockies condo$122,500 $134,900 506$242.09Studio Plus
6/4/2014Unit 103 Building A Rockies Condo$139,000 $147,000 760$182.89One
7/17/2014Unit 106 Building A Rockies Condo$153,000 $159,900 760$201.32One
9/30/2014Unit 306 Building A Rockies Condo$190,000 $215,000 1063$178.74One Plus
9/29/2014Unit 202 Building B Rockies Condo$246,800 $259,000 1016$242.91Two
2/20/2014Unit 306 Building B Rockies Condo$265,000 $274,500 1360$194.85Two Plus