Ranch at Steamboat Condo Activity in 2014

The Ranch at Steamboat condos are a popular option for buyers because they combine great views, plenty of space away from the denser mountain area, and are large and affordable.  They also have a pool, hot tub, newly renovated fitness area, and tennis courts.  In 2014, there were five sales ranging in price from $290,000 for a two bedroom to $365,000 for a nicely remodeled four bedroom condo.

That compares with eight sales in 2013 although the main reason there were fewer sales at The Ranch were because at the end of 2014 the inventory had shrunk to the point that there are now only two Ranch condos available to purchase.

Here is a link to the Ranch at Steamboat condos currently available for sale, or scroll down to see details of the 2014 sales.

Steamboat Condo DevelopmentBRAsking PriceSold PriceClosing Date
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #503Two$289,000 $290,000 3/14/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #108Three Plus$299,000 $295,000 3/26/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #106Three$335,000 $310,000 11/26/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #214Three Plus$349,000 $335,000 1/17/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #220Four$387,000 $365,000 9/11/2014