5 Reasons a Condo Might Be a Better Choice for Your Second Home in Steamboat

There are many advantages to owning a single family home. You have your own yard, no walls to share with the neighbors and no or limited association involvement and cost. While these might be obvious advantages for a full time residence, they don’t necessarily carry over to owning a second home. Here are the top reasons why owning a condo instead of a single family home in Steamboat could be a better choice:

  • Ongoing maintenance of a property– It costs money to maintain a property. In Steamboat, this can add up pretty quickly. The main expenses you’ll face owning a second home are yard maintenance in the summer, and snow removal in the winter. Other things inclu
  • Who keeps an eye on things when you’re around? You might have to hire someone check on things. Most HOA’s will monitor things when you’re not around. Especially when there is a cold snap, or a leaky roof, or anything worrisome going on, most HOA’s will send their maintenance people around to make sure there are no issues with the individual units within the development. If you own a single family home, you might want to have someone check on things on a regular basis so things like a pipe leak or a broken window don’t go unnoticed.
  • Fewer bills to pay each month– Many of the local HOA’s will include many utilities as part of the HOA fees. Not having to set up water and sewer, trash service, cable, building insurance and then having to pay for it on a regular basis can get tiresome. Most HOA’s cover most of these expenses. The most common expense that is not covered by the homeowner’s association in Steamboat is electricity. Even then, it’s one or a couple of bills instead of multiples.
  • Other amenities– Unless you’re buying a multi-million dollar property, most homes in Steamboat don’t have pools, tennis courts, shuttles, etc. Some might have a hot tub, but then you’ll need someone to maintain it regularly. When you own a condo in Steamboat that has many of these amenities, you feel like you’re on vacation. You don’t have to leave the complex to enjoy all these perks, and they are all included in your HOA fees.
  • Stress less vacation. Sometimes a second home can become a second job. You come to Steamboat to relax and enjoy everything this great town has to offer. If you come home and the heat is not working or there’s a leaky roof, you might spend most of your vacation trying to get it fixed. Most people don’t want to do that on their vacation!


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