5 Reasons Why Australians Love Steamboat Real Estate

Australian buyers love owning Steamboat Springs real estate

As a Steamboat Realtor, I work with a lot of buyers (and sellers) from Australia.  Some of the main reasons why Australian buyers are purchasing Steamboat condos and houses are:

  1. The Australian dollar is strong against the US dollar.
  2. Steamboat real estate prices are down at least 30-40% since our market peaked in 2007.
  3. Your exchange rate + our distressed real estate market = a great investment to  diversify from the overheated Australian real estate market.
  4. Australian summer holidays are one of the best times to visit Steamboat.  January isn’t quite peak season in Steamboat, so you can come for the month then rent your place the rest of the ski season for income.
  5. Rocky Mountain skiing is the best.
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We can help by  guiding you each step of the way as you choose the right place to taking title from halfway around the world, explaining the differences when purchasing real estate  in the US, and referring tax advisors and solicitors familiar with real estate transactions involving foreign nationals.

Please contact us to talk about purchasing in Steamboat  or call us in the US at 970.819.6372.