June Condo Sales Focus on Lower Price Points

July 5, 2015

The Rockies Condos in Steamboat

The Rockies Condos in Steamboat

Condo sales in Steamboat Springs continue to focus on the <$350,000 market in June.  More first time buyers are purchasing places as rental rates in Steamboat climb as fast as real estate prices.  Also, we’re seeing more transactions being financed as cash investors leave the market as prices increase.

Out of 43 sold condos in June, 90% of them sold for less than $500,000 and 67% sold for less than $350,000.  This feeding frenzy at the lower end is frustrating buyers because places are going under contract within a week or two, often with multiple offers.  If you are considering a condo purchase under $350,000, have your financing ready to go and be ready to look at places as soon as they come on the market to increase your chances of having your offer accepted.  We can guide you so you submit a strong offer that will appeal to the seller.

See all the condos for sale under $500,000 here, or scroll down to see specific details for June sales.  If you’d like to know more about our market, please call us at 970.819.6372. Read more

Steamboat Condo Sales March 2015

April 2, 2015

Bashor Bowl area

Bashor Bowl area

2015 is proving to be a transitional year in real estate here in Steamboat Springs and around the country.  (The stories out of Denver and the Front Range show their markets are even crazier than ours with 50 showings the first day and 20 offers on the same property. Whew.)  Our low inventory has frustrated buyers who either aren’t finding what they are looking for or are finding prices higher than recent comps with sellers willing to wait for the next buyer rather than settling for a lower price.

The February stats really illustrate what is going on.  Land Title emailed the final numbers showing February was quite a bit slower than last year with only $16.2 in Steamboat real estate Gross Sales Volume (down 58% from last year) and 49 Steamboat real estate transactions (down 50% from last year).   The reason sales are down is because there aren’t enough condos, townhomes, and single family homes in move-in-ready condition for the buyers who want them.  They are forced to stay on the sidelines instead of buying, and when prices are now rising an average of 11% a year, people are ready to buy.

Call us at 970-819-6372 if you have questions, and here are sales from March 2015:

Steamboat Springs Condo DevelopmentAddressBRAsking PriceSold Price% List to Sold
Chateau Chamonix Condo2306 Ski Trail Lane, Unit 124Two$599,000 $575,000 96%
Kutuk Condo2000 Ski Time Square #304Two +$419,000 $410,000 98%
OSP Condominium at Apres Ski Way2250 Apres Ski Way, R-609Four$1,850,000 $1,800,000 97%
Phoenix @ Steamboat Springs2320 Apres Ski Way, #126Three +$449,000 $395,000 88%
PineOrehousePlaza360 Ore House Plz #205One$223,500 $215,500 96%
ResidencesofOT730 Yampa StreetThree$297,000 $295,000 99%
Rockies Condo1945 Cornice Rd #2102One$159,900 $153,000 96%
Storm Meadows CondosB-318 2375 Storm Meadows DrOne$159,000 $146,000 92%
Storm Meadows Condos2215 Storm Meadows DriveOne$179,900 $171,400 95%
Storm Meadows Condos2215 Storm Meadows DriveThree$284,000 $275,000 97%
Sunray Meadows Condos3365 Columbine DriveTwo$290,500 $275,000 95%
Sunray Meadows Condos3355 Columbine Drive #604Two$312,000 $307,500 99%
Sunray Meadows Condos3340 Columbine DriveTwo$339,000 $324,000 96%
Sunrise Condo2505 Daybreak Court #308Three$329,000 $319,000 97%
Timber Run Cond2015 Walton Creek RoadFour$437,000 $410,000 94%
Timbers Condo31500 Runaway Place #104One$138,000 $129,995 94%
Timbers Condo31500 Runaway Place #204Two$149,500 $145,000 97%
Trappeurs Crossing Condos1875 Medicine Springs Dr. 4204Three$579,000 $560,000 97%
Trappeurs Crossing Condos1875 Medicine Springs DriveFour$695,000 $645,000 93%
Trappeurs Crossing Condos1750 Medicine Springs DrThree$799,000 $710,000 89%
Walton Village Condo1340 Athens Plaza, Gamma 9One$137,500 $126,000 92%
Cornerstone1540 Moraine CircleThree$555,000 $520,000 94%
Cross Timbers @ SS2841 Timber LaneFour$700,000 $650,000 93%
Indian Meadows Townhome3184 Ingles Ln #F4Two$178,000 $178,000 100%
Mountain Vista Townhome616 Mountain Vista CircleTwo$360,000 $350,000 97%
Steamboat Ridge Subdivision372 Old Fish Creek Falls RoadThree$310,000 $277,000 89%
Stone Lane Meadows3450 Stone Ln.Two$384,900 $358,000 93%
Timbers Village31605 Buckingham LaneTwo +$216,000 $200,000 93%
Waterford Townhome2650 Medicine Springs Dr #22Four$499,000 $488,500 98%
Whistler Village Thm15 Balsam CourtTwo$174,900 $169,900 97%
Willett Heights Subdivision1502 Blue Sage DrThree$499,000 $485,000 97%

Ranch at Steamboat Condo Activity in 2014

January 25, 2015

Ranch Condos in Steamboat Springs

Ranch Condos in Steamboat Springs

The Ranch at Steamboat condos are a popular option for buyers because they combine great views, plenty of space away from the denser mountain area, and are large and affordable.  They also have a pool, hot tub, newly renovated fitness area, and tennis courts.  In 2014, there were five sales ranging in price from $290,000 for a two bedroom to $365,000 for a nicely remodeled four bedroom condo.  That compares with eight sales in 2013 although the main reason there were fewer sales at The Ranch were because at the end of 2014 the inventory had shrunk to the point that there are now only two Ranch condos available to purchase.

Here is a link to the Ranch at Steamboat condos currently available for sale, or scroll down to see details of the 2014 sales.

Steamboat Condo DevelopmentBRAsking PriceSold PriceClosing Date
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #503Two$289,000 $290,000 3/14/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #108Three Plus$299,000 $295,000 3/26/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #106Three$335,000 $310,000 11/26/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #214Three Plus$349,000 $335,000 1/17/2014
Ranch Steamboat Springs Condo #220Four$387,000 $365,000 9/11/2014

2014 Sales at Quail Run in Steamboat

January 22, 2015

Quail Run Condos and Townhomes

Quail Run Condos and Townhomes

Quail Run Condos and Townhomes in Steamboat offer a great  location close to the mountain and on the free bus route to take you skiing or to Downtown.  There were 6 condo sales in 2014 compared with 3 in 2013. Also, they were selling higher per square foot than last year. No Quail Run Townhomes sold in 2014, compared to 2 in 2013.

Quail Run has affordable HOA dues that cover just about everything–even gas heat.

See current listings of Quail Run Condos and Townhomes here. Below are the 2014 Quail Run condo stats.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceTot Sq FtSold $ / Sq. Ft.BR
1/2/2014Unit 204 Quail Run Condo Phase II$293,000 $299,900 1037$282.55Two
4/28/2014Unit 206 Quail Run Condo Phase II$304,000 $312,000 1143$265.97Two
11/3/2014Unit 406 Quail Run Condo Phase I$305,000 $323,500 1143$266.84Two
4/23/2014Unit 405 Quail Run Condo Phase 1$307,500 $325,500 1451$211.92Two Plus
7/28/2014Unit 305 Quail Run Condo Phase II$313,000 $313,900 1451$215.71Two Plus
8/27/2014Unit 606 Quail Run Condo Phase I$321,000 $340,000 1143$280.84Two

Eagle Ridge Lodge Condos sold in 2014

January 21, 2015

Eagle Ridge Lodge in Steamboat Springs

Eagle Ridge Lodge

Two condos sold at Eagle Ridge Lodge Condominiums in 2014. One of the units was a 2bed/2bath unit and sold for $330,000, and the other was a 2 bedrooms and a loft, and sold for $435,000. Below are the details.

Click here for current listings available at Eagle Ridge Lodge Condos.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceTot Sq FtSold $ / Sq. Ft.BR
4/11/20141463 Flattop Circle, #306$435,000 $435,000 1083$401.66Two Plus
8/15/20141463 Flattop Circle, # 104$330,000 $379,000 927$355.99Two

2014 Sales at The West Condos

January 16, 2015

The West Condominiums

The West

There were 2 sales at The West Condos in 2014. This was same as the 2013 number of transactions. What’s encouraging is that $/Square Foot has increased by 12% since 2014.

View currently available units at The West, or look below to see what properties sold at The West Condominiums in 2014.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceTot Sq Ft$ / Sq. Ft.BR
2/28/20142160 Mt. Werner Cir. #3307$245,000 $269,000 978$250.51Two
8/8/20142160 Mt. Werner Circle # 3404$260,000 $279,900 805$322.98Two

The Rockies Condos sold in 2014

January 15, 2015

Rockies Condos in Steamboat Springs

Rockies Condos in Steamboat Springs

The Rockies Condominiums enjoyed an encouraging year in sales. This was mainly caused by more buyers coming into the market in the $100,000-$200,000 range and there being a real shortage of this type of properties available. There were 11 sales at The Rockies in 2014, compared to 8 in 2013. Also, the average price per square foot increased more than 9% compared to 2013 sales. Click to see listings currently available at The Rockies, or scroll down to see what Rockies Condos have sold in 2014.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceTot Sq Ft$ / Sq. Ft.BR
11/4/2014Unit 302 Building C Rockies Condo$105,000 $109,900 519$202.31Studio
4/4/2014Unit 101 Building C Rockes Condo$105,000 $121,500 519$202.31Studio
6/13/2014Unit 201 Building B Rockies Condo$110,000 $124,900 524$209.92One
12/1/2014Unit 101 Building D Rockies Condo$113,000 $119,000 476$237.39One
3/21/2014Unit 104 Building D Rockies Condo$113,500 $117,000 467$243.04One
2/28/2014Unit 301 Building C Rockies condo$122,500 $134,900 506$242.09Studio Plus
6/4/2014Unit 103 Building A Rockies Condo$139,000 $147,000 760$182.89One
7/17/2014Unit 106 Building A Rockies Condo$153,000 $159,900 760$201.32One
9/30/2014Unit 306 Building A Rockies Condo$190,000 $215,000 1063$178.74One Plus
9/29/2014Unit 202 Building B Rockies Condo$246,800 $259,000 1016$242.91Two
2/20/2014Unit 306 Building B Rockies Condo$265,000 $274,500 1360$194.85Two Plus

The Victoria Condos Sold in 2014

January 14, 2015

The Victoria Condos Steamboat

The Victoria Condos in downtown Steamboat

There was only one sale at The Victoria in 2014. Below are the details.

Click here for current listings at Victoria.

Sold DateAddressSold PriceOriginal PriceBRTot Sq Ft$ / Sq. Ft
4/18/2014UNIT R-3, VICTORIA CONDOS$440,000 $498,000 One Plus1569280.43


Storm Meadows Condos Sold in 2014

January 13, 2015

Storm Meadows in Steamboat Springs

Storm Meadows in Steamboat Springs

There were 11 sales at Storm Meadows Condos in 2014. Storm Meadows condos offer ski-in ski-out location, while being a more affordable choice in buyers looking for their own piece of Steamboat. While the number of sales have held steady, the average price per square foot at the condos went up from $279/ Sq. Ft in 2013 to $303/ Sq. Ft in 2014. One Storm Meadow Townhome sold in 2014 for $873,900 and it’s not included in the average $/Sq. Ft calculation above.

Search for all Storm Meadows Condos currently for sale, or scroll down to see the sold stats.

Date SoldTypeLegal DescriptionSold PriceOriginal PriceBRTot Sq FtSold $ / Sq Ft
5/30/2014CondoUnit 312 Bldg B Storm Meadows Club Condo$145,000 $179,000 One558$259.86
2/19/2014CondoUnit F-26 Bldg 400 Storm Meadows 300-400 Condo$145,900 $149,900 One590$247.29
1/2/2014CondoUnit 4 Building A Storm Meadows Condo$154,000 $165,500 One591$260.58
7/1/2014CondoUnit 17 Bldg A Storm Meadows East Condo$157,000 $163,900 One591$265.65
4/16/2014CondoUnit 218 Bldg B Storm Meadows Club Condo$174,000 $189,900 One558$311.83
6/6/2014CondoUnit 316 Bldg A Storm Meadows Club Condo$176,000 $184,900 One558$315.41
10/31/2014CondoUnit T-34 Bldg 300 Storm Meadows 300-400 Condo$237,500 $269,500 Two886$268.06
6/6/2014CondoUnit 317 Bldg C Storm Meadows Club Condo$269,000 $335,000 Two781$344.43
9/4/2014CondoUnit 217 Bldg C Storm Meadows Condo$275,000 $299,000 Two781$352.11
3/26/2014CondoUnit 319 Bldg C Storm Meadows Club Condo$319,500 $329,000 Two781$409.09
6/30/2014TownhouseStorm Meadows Club Townhouses Phase 2 Unit #19$873,900 $873,900 Four1663$525.50


Walton Creek Condo Sales in 2014

January 11, 2015

In 2014, only 2 units were on the market at Walton Creek Condos and both sold. The average price per square foot was $166.

Click here to see all Walton Creek Condo listings, or scroll down to see what sold in 2014.

Legal DescriptionBRTot Sq FtOriginal PricePriceSold $ / Sq FtSold Date
Unit 21 Bldg C Walton Creek CondoThree1457$269,900 $230,000 $157.866/17/2014
Unit 20 Bldg C, Walton Creek CondoThree1457$275,000 $255,000 $175.0210/24/2014

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